Sunday, 24 January 2010

New Branding

I have recently re-branded myself.
Here is my new logo and business card design.
I feel this logo represents a truer me, a graphic designer more focused with type and use of a clear, message driven style. I have also made progress with my web presence,  i have just purchased a domain; - this is in my opinion more memorable than what might be thought best (, and i feel this will further influence people to visit. See, at the bottom of this post, my website layout design.


Business Card (Front + Back)

Monday, 18 January 2010

Grafik Design Awards


Design Strategies Presentation

Presentation Notes:

Slide 2
-Start of Projects
Dedicating more time on Idea Generation
Message / Communicating is dominant factor
Clever / innovative use of design

Slide 3
Technical / Software
Communicating a message through type & layout

Slide 4
Context - Importance
Technically - Understanding of SLR
Finalizing / Shown in best possible light

Slide 5
1 Week placement
Old School House

Slide 6
Large Design Firm - 80+
Digital Led agency / some print
Clients - Open University / HSBC / Warburton's
Working alongside professional designers / copywriters - Sharing brief - script
Turnaround speed

Slide 7
What I did - Engage web animation - about the company
Here are initial storyboards
Snow cut placement short

Slide 8
Web Design
Type & Layout in web
Placement experience - all briefs included web

Slide 9
Type & Layout
Promotion / informative / Editorial
Print Methods - Duotone / Stock

Slide 10
Type in environment - Leeds Public Arts
Interaction with subjects

Slide 11
Conceptual design
Makes you think
Play on words
Makes you laugh - Interacts with audience more

Slide 12
Simple yet effective
More memorable design

Slide 13
Logos / Identity
Range of design / application

Slide 12
Opening titles
DVD menus