Friday, 13 November 2009

Business Card - New.

Here's a better quality version of the business card. The stock is a thin cartridge paper to aid the fold of the card, and the folds have been scored to make things cleaner.
I plan to print onto an even thinner stock to reduce size and make the card more 'wallet friendly'.



Inner fold

Fold-out Poster

Close-up of Poster

Reverse inner fold

New Business Card.

I wanted to create an updated business card for myself, but one which has something more to it that any other business card. Here is a prototype of a fold-out card, the fold-out documents my design practice over the course of 1 week.
This card is printed black ink onto a regular white stock.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Michael Wolff - D&AD Lecture

I travelled to Liverpool to see Olins & Wolff co-founder, Micheal Wolff, talk about his career and the design world.  Interviewed by Patrick Burgoyne, Editor for Creative Review.

I took some good information from the talk, here are a few points.

Wolff's three qualities a designer should:
1) Inquisitiveness
2) Curiosity/Imagination
3) Appreciation

"Be bold but not arrogant, too many design firms come across as arrogant and it's not a good thing".

"When presenting to a client, be yourself, if you try to talk and present as a 'designer' and not a person, the clients will respond as 'clients' and not people".

"No one hires a portfolio, they hire a human being".

"When presenting, either show the client something or talk, don't do both at the same time, it's confusing".

"Designers need to be aware that they are not dismissive of language in their practice, too often designers are".

"My working partner, Wally Olins, believes structure is the largest expression of identity, however, i believe Culture is the largest expression of identity".

"Insist, don't take no for an answer, if you insist, people will see you".

"The look of something and the meaning of it need to be embraced together".

"A designer needs to investigate the nature of 'liking'".

"Lots of businesses are run by 'blobs'; where they believe money is all that matters, whereas I believe money is a result".

"Businesses are like people, some are shy, some loud, some stupid, some clever".

Don't think your 'right', your designing for someone else, someone else's message".

"There is too much emphasis on winning awards than solving client's problems".

"Sustainability is vitally important in design".

"Can the fututre of greed be afforded?"

All of these points are interesting to hear from a well experienced and successful graphic designer, I particularly admired his point on investigating 'liking', it feels quite an obvious thing to do now. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Dig For Fire

'Dig For Fire' are a Sheffield based advertising and design company, the largest advertising agency outside of London. I am currently talking with the Senior Designer Simon Ransley about a possible work placement.

Here is the studio in Sheffield, it holds 80 employees across a range of professions from graphic designers to copywriters.

Dig For Fire are a digital led agency, but also do some print work:
Good conceptual design is apparent, and the message is the focal point. Something of which I persue in my own work.

Dig For Fire are a digital led agency: This is an area I want to develop my skills in, I feel digital is becoming the dominating media for design with more web accessible products being produced.